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The Tuesday fir cone

December 14, 2010

In the depths of winter the conifers which surround the house, like Sleeping Beauty’s castle, really come into their own. They provide shelter from the wind and weather, and a comforting bulwark of green against the bleakness of the December fields. Most of the conifers around the castle are Douglas firs, which I wrote about in greater detail here.

One of the pleasing things about the Douglases is their cones. Fragrant and abundant, they make excellent firelighters. We often come home from a walk with our pockets stuffed with fir-cones for the log basket, or just for the boys’ nature table, because the cones are so nice to look at. They have whiskery points under each ‘scale’ which are, I believe, unique to the Douglas fir; so if you are in doubt about the identity of the tree, you can identify it from the cone. I am off out now to collect some of the fir-cone laden branches brought down by the snow. They will make a lovely Christmas wreath for our front hall.

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  1. Margaret Lambert permalink
    December 14, 2010 2:19 pm

    I love pine cones in all their variety and size, from thimble to giant, but I have rarely seen a pine cone wreath. It sounds like a nice project and one that would last a few years.

    • dancingbeastie permalink
      December 14, 2010 2:23 pm

      I have seen pine cone wreaths, but they must be very fiddly to make. I cheat by using the whole branch with the cones still attached. The branches are whippy and easy to plait around each other – and yes, they do last well. We still have last year’s hanging up as I couldn’t bring myself to take it down in January!

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