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Can we pretend it’s Tuesday already?

April 9, 2010

Having only just inaugurated a Tuesday Tree post, I have to grovel and admit that I’m about to disrupt it. Dancing Beastie will be ‘off air’ all next week, so I am going to cheat and post next week’s tree today. Hopeless. But better than treeless.

Today’s tree is a horse chestnut. I have never been particularly fond of horse chestnuts, which is a bit unfair of me as they have so much going for them. They are amongst the first trees to come into leaf, they have those wonderful gleaming candles of white and pink blossoms in May, and they are amongst the first to turn beautiful colours in the early autumn. Best of all, of course, they produce conkers, thus providing us with a goal for autumn walks. There’s a horse chestnut on our route home from school which the boys watch like hawks from September onwards until, at last, the conkers are ripe and we can prise them out of their spiny shells and fill our pockets with little shiny mahogany balls.

And yet, and yet…I don’t know what it is. They lack grace, somehow. There are some beauties in England, but horse chestnut trees up here tend to be tall and straggly and lopsided. I must try harder to appreciate them, though, as they are generous spirits.

Here, then, is a horse chestnut in the woods near last week’s beech tree. (That’s the boys in the background, playing on their ‘pirate ship’, a fallen log.) It is a bit untidy looking, you must admit.

Hold on a minute, though. Let’s look closer.

Yes! How exciting! Great fat buds, beginning to burst into the first leaves of the year. This tree is always the first in the wood to come into leaf. Horse chestnut, I thank you.

Wishing everyone a happy week, until Dancing Beastie returns in about ten days.

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  1. April 9, 2010 8:58 pm

    How kind of you to think of being treeless!
    Have a good time away. I’ll use it to catch up on your older posts.

  2. April 12, 2010 11:41 am

    OOoh thank you for not letting me go too long without a tree! I love those buds. And of course I have fond memories of conkers!! Hope you enjoy your time “off air” and look forward to your return!


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