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so farewell, then, Winter, it’s been great

April 2, 2010

At last, April and daffodils! Dare we guess that this week’s gales and blizzards are the last gasps of winter in Scotland? Our first daffodils finally flowered last weekend, almost a whole month later than usual. It is lovely to see these ‘Lenten lilies’ in Holy Week (just in time for the end of Lent, in other words). I’m more than ready to say goodbye to the bleached, scoured landscape of March and to welcome spring’s green and yellow. The trees and bushes are covered in fat buds just waiting for the last frosts to thaw before they burst.

spring yellow in the kitchen: even doing the dishes seems a cheerier chore

Before we turn our back on this long winter, however, I’d like to give it a decent send-off. We have loved it. A white Christmas, followed by weeks and weeks of thick snow outside, wood fires and candlelight inside: it has been a pretty perfect season as far as I’m concerned. Despite the difficulties it caused – burst pipes, heating oil running out and so forth – I’d take a white winter any year over the usual weeks of sleet and ice and greyness. So I am saying goodbye to it with a look back at some images of winter at Castle Beastie. If summer is as summery as winter was wintery, then we shall be blessed indeed.

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Finding colour in a monochrome landscape

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  1. April 3, 2010 4:21 pm

    I’m with you -I’ll take a sharp cold white winter over the usual endless Orkney gales, grey skies and rain! Though I did get a bit bored of the ice and sliding around. Lovely to see the daffs in bloom. Hope the snow didn’t cause too much disruption to you this week. We had none just cold sleety showers and WIND!


  1. Spring is springing! « Dancing Beastie

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