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cheer up!

March 3, 2010

For the past few days I have been feeling very under the weather and have been curled up in an armchair as much as possible, feeling rather pathetic. Things are looking up today, though, and I feel ready to rejoin the human race again. I’ve been thinking about little things that make me happy, as a good way of dispelling the last of the malaise. Nothing to do with castles or dancing beasties! Simple pleasures, such as:

Sunlight streaming through the windows, and my little jug of daffodils in full flower (the sun shows up how badly I need to clean the windows, but we’re not thinking about that right now);

A new embroidered cushion to brighten up the sofa. I’ve been meaning to make a patchwork Union Jack cushion for a while, but fell for this pretty ready-made one on my foray into the outside world this morning. (There are lots of Union Jack things in the shops at the moment, I don’t know why: perhaps, after recession and political scandal, Britannia is trying to bolster her rather fragile self-esteem?);

A happy dog. (Ears flattened to indicate he is about to jump up prettily.) Nothing makes you feel better about yourself like the ecstatic welcome that dogs give you every morning, as if they haven’t seen you for weeks. As they said in Peanuts, ‘happiness is a warm puppy’.

Looking out at the white hills cheers me up too. I don’t mind the fact that we still have snow and sub-zero temperatures in this long cold winter, because it means that there will still be plenty of snow in the Cairngorms in a couple of weeks’ time, which is the earliest that we can get up there for a day of skiing and generally enjoying the mountains. The webcam pictures from Cairn Gorm look almost irresistible: it’s very tempting to just carry on up the road north after dropping the children at school! Can’t wait to head up there for a day of fun in the snow followed by a big mug of hot chocolate at one of our favourite cafes in Aviemore, where they serve mountaineer-sized portions.

And finally:

more sunshine and flowers – well, you can’t have enough of either at this time of year!

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  1. March 4, 2010 12:42 pm

    Hello again!

    It’s very, very easy to feel a bit low this time of the year… tell me about it!

    You said it very right on target when you mentioned the windows…..that only can make me feel very, very low. And how boring to clean them……someone else has to help me with that…..I don’t know how to do it. And after you’ve spent one or two days cleaning them and you look through them and you see that they are not at all clean makes me….well, I don’t have a proper word for that.

    Ahhh, you use Google translator, good idea! Danish and Swedish do not match very well. The Danes understands Swedish whereas Swedes have a lot of problems understanding Danish.

    Norwegian and Swedish match very well though.

    I am now taking the dog Tingeling (e.g. Tinker Bell) for a walk and by the time I get home the sun has lowered itself a little bit so I dare to look out through the windows without a primal scream.


  2. dancingbeastie permalink
    March 4, 2010 5:34 pm

    How nice to have some solidarity in seasonal gloom and dirty windows! 🙂

    As for the Swedes having problems understanding Danish…I think EVERYBODY has problems understanding Danish, don’t they?!

    Hope you and your lovely Tingeling enjoyed your sunny walk.

    • March 4, 2010 9:57 pm

      I guess you’re right. Who could possibly understand Danish if they’re not Danish themselves…..should be the one who lives in my house. He understands everything. And I promise, he’s not Danish.

      And the windows. Well, I did as I intended to do, I took Tingeling for a long walk, all the way to church and back (takes about 1½ hours), it was windy and cold but very refreshing.

      By the time we got back home the sun was setting and no windows were dirty then, not that I could see, anyway…..

      Time to go to bed, early morning tomorrow, helping a friend preparing for her 50th birthday ball on Saturday (the next one after the day after tomorrow…..). We will make the name labels and make the plan who matches who during dinner.

      So goodnight, let’s talk more later on!


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