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blue skies, that’s all

February 22, 2010

What a beautiful day! Just wanted to share it with anyone who is fighting winter gloom. I know that lots of you in England and in the northern isles have been having yet more snow but here, on the edge of the Highlands, we have had day after day of high pressure blue skies and sunshine.

the trees' shadows stay white with frost all day

Give me a winter like this any year over the usual dreariness of January and February. It’s certainly cold – it was minus 9 C last night – and our temperamental boiler is on the blink again, which is tedious as it means no heating and no morning shower. But it’s amazing how hot porridge for breakfast and a brisk walk in bright cold sun can make all problems seem manageable.

cloud bubbles up on the horizon but comes to nothing - yet

In honour of the long run of good weather, I have updated the Dancing Beastie headline photo. We are due snow this week, but you might as well celebrate the sunny days!

the lochan has been frozen over for more than two months

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  1. February 22, 2010 4:45 pm

    Up by Beauly way, we’ve been drenched in glorious sunshine for the past week, DB, ever since the snow last Tuesday. Isn’t it wonderful?! Hints of Spring are beginning to appear as a result. Pussy willows are in bud, i notice. Pails of tulips and hyacinth and daffodil planters spill out from the doorways of every flower shop. Colour, i didn’t realise how much i’d missed colour. More snow this week, you say? I’ll get out my snowshoes. I sure hope your boiler can be fixed asap. Thank goodness for porridge. 😉 Lizzy

  2. dancingbeastie permalink
    February 22, 2010 5:49 pm

    Beauly, a very fine part of the world! Yes, it’s so GREAT to see flowers at this time of year when the landscape is looking so scoured and bleached of colour. We have snowdrops and aconites out, which is lovely, but for anything brighter I have to make a trip into town. Meanwhile, the boiler man is here, so fingers crossed…!


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