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I ‘heart’ February

February 1, 2010

Even in Scotland, the arrival of February means that we can stop moping about the end of Christmas and start looking forward to the beginning of spring. By now the days are noticeably longer, and the sun is sometimes strong enough to turn our solar-powered prism on the kitchen window and make snippets of rainbows dance on the walls. The snowdrops in the policies are tipped with white: I expect the first ones to bloom today. There’s nothing like the annual surprise of the sweet, promising fragrance of snowdrops after weeks of the smell of nothing but cold earth and ice.

And, of course, February brings Valentine’s Day. It’s rather uncool to like Valentine’s Day, cynical marketing exercise in schmaltz that it is. But I love it! That is, I love the excuse to indulge in several of my favourite things: making a one-off card for someone I love, cake-making (and decorating – the best bit), chocolate (if necessary bought for myself and shared), flowers (ditto) and my chronic weakness for all things heart-shaped. The heart is such a pleasing shape that it has, to be honest, become a bit of a cliche in the world of arts and crafts. Looking around our home, I’m a bit taken aback to realise just how many hearts and heart-shaped things I have made or quietly smuggled in over the years. So for all of you – especially those for whom February 14th is, for whatever reason, a non-event – I offer a ‘daily heart’ from Castle Beastie, from now until Valentine’s Day.

(Apologies for the quality of the photography in this and other posts – think I really must start saving up for something other than our old ‘point & click’ camera.)

This delightful Fair Isle knitted heart is from the lady who makes the bunting in Shetland (see ‘Good cheer from the northern isles’ below). The background is an old eiderdown which I found being used as a dog bed here when we moved in. I rescued it, washed it, and absolutely love it.

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  1. February 15, 2010 9:37 pm

    Good night, Happy Valentines Day!!!

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