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Closed season in the garden

January 22, 2010

Every few years we open the castle’s garden to the public. This is at the behest of the good ladies who run Scotland’s Garden Scheme, through which gardens of all sizes are opened for charity. We are due to open it this year and it is already exercising my mind. Open day is not for several months yet, though, thank goodness. Walking around the garden a couple of days ago, I found it hard to imagine how it could ever look alluring enough for public display, buried under snow and half frozen as it is. The borders are just collections of dead sticks and seed heads:

The statuary is shivering under frost:

And water spraying from a leaking garden tap has encrusted an urn in ice:

One of the few hopeful signs is a small parterre of box seedlings, planted last season, which seem to be growing happily, oblivious to the weeks of snow.

No doubt other good things are waiting, under the soil, to bring us the annual miracle of spring. Meanwhile, even the dogs are happy to leave the garden and come back home to the fireside.


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