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snow and a starry afternoon

December 2, 2009

December arrived here with the first really hard frost, crisping the sodden fields and freezing the flooded lochan overnight. The temperature hovered around freezing all day yesterday, after a morning run to school in minus four degrees C. The frost set in as November was going out. Coming home from school on the last afternoon of November – the boys both in their kilts for St.Andrew’s Day – it was deep dusk by half past three, with the first stars showing. In the night I was awoken by moonlight streaming in through the cracks in the shutters, bright white on the frosted landscape.

During the course of yesterday, though, the sky grew overcast and a feel of snow came to the grey clouds. Sure enough, the first snowfall of the season came on the first day of December. Today has been dark, misty, slushy and cold. I am glad, though: the snow and frost have suddenly brought home to me, as no soggy November day could, that Christmas is less than a month away and that I’d better get organised!

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