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Hurray! It’s November!

November 4, 2009

Last year, it snowed here on 24th October, which is as early as anyone could remember. This year, October 24th was a beautiful sunny day, warm enough to sit on the grass in shirtsleeves. After such a balmy autumn, November has slightly taken us by surprise, arriving as it did with torrential rain, floods, mists, gloom, frosts and a drop in temperature of ten degrees or more. So, I thought it would help to think about some of the good things about this time of year. Such as:

Splashing in puddles with my three-year-old on our morning walks (extra fun in my NEW WELLIES, see below); the smell of bonfires and the sight of a plume of white smoke rising up through the russet of the trees; red squirrels busy in the beech branches; roe deer in the woods, easier to see now that the undergrowth is thinning; the cosiness of a hot cup of tea beside the wood-burning stove; snuggling up in warm jumpers and mittens again after the stress of too-revealing summer clothes (!); the last blaze of purple and orange and gold on the hillsides before all the leaves finish dropping; the atavistic pleasure of putting on a pinny and making warming soup, apple crumble, scones, stews and other traditional British cold-weather food and, last but not least, the promise of Advent only a month away!

oak on the west drive

an oak and young Spanish chestnuts in the policies

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