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foraging is fun

October 13, 2009

Puffballs have been on the menu again at Castle Beastie, as we found another one yesterday. This time we just broke off a portion of it, so that we (or others) can pick the rest in a day or two. Even 8 yr old son agreed it was very tasty! Today I served it up with toasted goats’ cheese on top, which was an excellent combination. I also – finally – picked some elderberries and made spiced apple and elderberry pies, which seem to have gone down well with the family too. I explained to the boys that you can’t eat elderberries raw, like the birds do, as they would give us a sore tummy. But cooked, they are full of goodness. Once I had stripped them from their stalks and washed them, I tipped them into a pan of simmering chopped apples from the garden. They looked like beads of black caviar at first, but quickly began to leak their dark purplish juice over the apples, and combined well. Food foraged from the garden and the wild is somehow extra delicious – perhaps because we appreciate it more, having seen its whole life-cycle and worked to get it. We may not have an official Thanksgiving day in this country, but you cannot help but feel grateful to be able to share in nature’s bounty.


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